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Our Missions

Agape House Church hopes to walk with you in a life that is not only overflowing with the love of Christ but also a life that will bring everlasting blessings to people around us . 

We believe that we become true followers of Jesus Christ, not according to outward appearances, rituals, beautiful temples, church buildings, cultural background, or location, but by living in authentic relationships rooted in the transformational power of Christ’s love.  


Becoming true followers of Jesus Christ is the principle motivation of all the ministries of Agape House Church. We invite you to experience this in the following four aspects (ABCD):

Missions: Programs
AHF Agape Love.png

Agape Love

Tackling the Issue

Your choosing to come back to the love of Jesus Christ is the beginning of a lifetime of adventure. We are willing to help you start a transformational lifestyle that will help you experience the supernatural love of God and to sculpt a whole new you from the inside out .

AHF Back to Basics.png

Back to Basics

Building Families

Church is you and me coming together to live for God. Simple, down-to-earth, multigenerational worship will make your home become a place where God is pleased to dwell as well as provide a place to cultivate the next generation to be God-fearing and influential.

Church of Two

Doing What’s Needed

Through our simple church community, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Agape House Fellowship, and a source of much success for our organic houses.

house church.png

Disciple the Nations

Impacting the World

We use a multifaceted network in conjunction with local ministry teams to create a discipleship network that it unrestricted by geographical boundaries. We connect each house to become a global village to bring good news to every corner of the earth .

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